Determine Your Eligibility for Australian Citizenship

At J Kis Migration, we offer full application assistance for Australian permanent residents and eligible New Zealand citizens seeking to become an Australian citizen. As a certified Migration Agent, we offer professional advice and assistance.

An Australian permanent resident may be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship when they meet the residence requirement. The residence requirement for citizenship stipulates that the applicant must have:

  • been lawfully resident in Australia for four years before the application
  • spent at least three (3) years of the most recent four years in Australia
  • spent at least nine (9) months of the most recent one year in Australia
  • spent at least the most recent one year as an Australian permanent resident In addition to meeting the residence requirement, all applicants must meet character requirements for citizenship.
  • Police check certificates will be required from all countries in which applicants 16 years and over have lived an accumulative period of at least ninety days in one country since being granted Australian permanent residence where a total of one year or more has been spent outside Australia since being granted Australian permanent residence.

Sometime after lodgement, the applicant will be requested to attend the nearest office of the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) for an assessing officer to site original documents and for the applicant to sit the Australian citizenship test.

After the application has been decided, the applicant will not become an Australian citizen until he/she attends an Australian citizenship ceremony. Local councils usually hold citizenship ceremonies at different times throughout the year. As part of the ceremony, the applicant will be required to pledge an oath.

Would you like to apply for citizenship to Australia? Speak to our registered migration agent for assistance with your application for citizenship to Australia by contacting us and making your appointment.